John Clark Music Tuition

Performance & Stagecraft

Being able to give a great performance on stage should be the goal of all aspiring Musicians and Singers, who wish to go beyond just playing at home for purely their own pleasure.

I can give help and advice on the purchase of suitable equipment such as Amplifiers, Microphones, P.A Systems and a host of other necessary supporting bits and pieces.

Getting the best out of your gear in a live setting doesn’t always come easy, but again I am able to help with advice and tips for most situations.

The Presentation of your act on Stage, is a huge factor in determining your future success ( and re-bookings!), and so it is vital that you are able to show off your natural talents and abilities to their full extent.

I have many years experience in Stage performances, ranging from Solo work to Duos And Trios as well as performing with bigger bands.

Over the last few decades, I have also Run and Stage Managed music venues and events, encompassing most musical genres, and understand the needs of audience to be entertained!

Instrument montage