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The guitar is one of the most popular instruments world-wide, and is often the first (and only) choice for budding musicians. Its popularity is well-earned, because it is one the most flexible and versatile instruments ever designed without being too daunting and difficult for the beginner.

The most common form of guitar has 6 nylon or metal strings, tuned to E A D G B E. The strings can be plucked by the fingers or played with a plectrum. It can be a pure acoustic instrument, but it is common to install a contact microphone in the bridge to make it an electro-acoustic instrument, allowing it to be played acoustically for intimate surroundings, or plugged into an amplifier to fill an entire hall.

The instrument is capable of playing an overwhelming range of music ranging through rock, pop, blues, jazz, folk, blue-grass, country and just about everything else.

Teaching Approach

Teaching starts with learning how to tune the instrument and the correct way to hold it. It then progresses to playing melodies and chords, playing from guitar tablature, a basic understanding of standard music notation, fingerstyle playing (finger picking), accompaniment, and looking at a variety of melodies, riffs and rhythmic styles.


I can offer tuition for Registry of Guitar Tutors in association with the London College of Music Initial Stage, Preliminary Grade and Grades 1-8 examinations, and Initial Performance Level, Preliminary Performance Level and Performance Levels 1-8.

What To Buy

Any good music store will have a range of suitable guitars. Expect to pay at least £100-£120 for a good beginner's acoustic instrument, and a little more for an electro-acoustic.

If you're interested in the electric guitar then go to my Electric Guitar page.

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