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Classical Guitar

See also Acoustic Guitar

Classical guitar refers to both the instrument used and the style of playing classical guitar music. The instrument is typically acoustic with 6 nylon or gut strings, as opposed to the metal strings often used on a popular guitar. There are also electro-acoustic versions, such as the model pictured here.

The classical playing style usually involves picking the strings with the fingertips or nails of the right hand while holding a chord with the left hand.

Teaching Approach

Teaching starts with learning how to tune the instrument and the correct way to hold it. Teaching also includes the understanding of how melodies are created from basic scales and arpeggios, understanding and sight reading standard musical notation, and studying the various ways in which a classical guitar may be used.


I can offer tuition for Registry of Guitar Tutors in association with the London College of Music Steps 1-2 and Grades 1-8 examinations. (Download syllabus PDF) (Download repertoire PDF)

What To Buy

Any good music store will have a range of suitable classical guitars. Expect to pay at least £80-£100 for a good beginner's instrument.


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